By: Simon Bartik May 22, 2024

Watch the recap of the third and final stop of Jib League that took place in Norway. The amount of style, bangers, wizard tricks, and creativity is unmeasurable, RIP S-rail.

From YouTube:

In the heart of the rugged Norwegian wilderness, where mountains kiss the sky and snow whispers tales of adventure, lies the legendary Myrkdalen. Here, beneath the pristine snow-capped peaks, the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions.

Eight fearless qualifiers, forged in the crucible of The Open, now stand amidst The League’s top gladiators on the precipice of greatness, ready to conquer the monstrous S rail that looms before them like a mythical beast of steel and slvsh.

The Pro Sessions:

– 3x 1.5 hour jam sessions on 3 diverse features.

– After a rough cut viewing of the day’s jam each evening, each skier gets to anonymously vote for their personal opinions on the day’s: 2 winners and 2 runner-ups. No discussion!

– 1sts = 2 points, 2nds = 1 points

– To find the most well rounded skier of the week, the skier with the most points over the whole week is the winner.

The skier who accumulates the most points from the entire season (s02 e01: Nordkette, Austria + s02 e02: Sugar Bowl, CA + s02 e03: Myrkdalen, Norway) will be crowned Jib League Season 2 Champion and have the honor of carving their own name into the Jib League Champions’ trophy which they will hold for a year until the next Champion is crowned.