Wallisch & co.

Good Company – Cruise Control (Full Movie)

By: Ethan Stone October 09, 2019

The title of Good Company’s 2019 offering, “Cruise Control”, seems to imply that Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney and GC are simply running on autopilot, doing what for them has become routine; namely, waking up, sledding out and shredding. Since this is more or less exactly what these two hardworking skiers have been doing for what seems like decades already, it would be understandable to assume their output might be underwhelming.

Your assumption would be wrong though, because “Cruise Control” is anything but underwhelming. Wallisch and McChesney both go as hard as ever, stomping some of the biggest and best tricks of their careers into pristine pow—with McChesney landing a rodeo 10 for the history books on Pyramid Gap and Wallisch bagging the closer with an absolutely retarded switch dub. Along the way, there’s plenty of tasty cameos from Utah-based heads like Nicky Keefer, LJ Strenio, Mike Briggs and Jonah Williams, and some of the most solid all-round backcountry booter footage you’ll see this year. If this is “Cruise Control” for Good Company, then just leave it engaged, lean on back and enjoy the ride.