Stop the Press: The Sammy C Project is here!

By: admin December 15, 2015

When word came out that Sammy Carlson was working on a two-year project with Teton Gravity Research, we knew that we were in for something special. Never one to slack, Sammy has pulled out all the stops on his latest solo project—and if this Copper Peak segment from the new film—out now on iTunes—is any indicator, “The Sammy C Project” will be a movie we’ll remember for a long time.

TGR was also kind enough to send this photo package over, offering a sneak peak of the rest of the action to be seen in “The Sammy C Project.” A quick scroll reveals what Sammy’s been up to over the past two years: huge, creative backcountry setups, big-mountain powder, spectacular sunset shoots—all that we’ve come to expect from this freeskiing icon.

All photos courtesy of Teton Gravity Research