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Sudelfeld Hotlapz 2022: Season Ender, German Style

By: Downdays April 28, 2022

The German crew the Bavarian Dudes closed out the season with a bang in Sudelfeld. Click play for a healthy dose of pond skimming, beer drinking and yes, a flaming ring to top things off. Take note: this is how to throw a season ender party!

Sudelfeld Hotlapz 2022!
Es war einfach nur gewaltig.
Großes Danke geht an die Bergbahnen Sudelfeld, Actionwelt Sudelfeld, Prime Skiing, Downdays, Magnat Audio und der Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain.

Video: Matze Ried, Sacha Mayer, Gipfeldrescher und el.Makrell.
Song: Will Smith – Gettin’ jiggy wit it
Johnny Cash – ring of fire
Cut: Julius Zulbeck

Bis nächstes Jahr!