By: Ethan Stone June 12, 2023

Swatch Nines—formerly known as Audi Nines, Nine Royals, Nine Knights etc.—is well-known for switching things up. This year, in addition to a new location at the Schilthorn–Piz Gloria in Switzerland and a new title sponsor, the Nines  also invited the swerving Swedish crew The Bunch to join the action for the first time.

As it turns out, having a crew like The Bunch around was just what The Nines needed. Magnus Granér, Alex Hackel and Pär Hägglund all added their special flavors in front of the cameras, while Jens Nilsson and Ante Olofsson mixed up this enjoyable 15-minute recap for your viewing experience.

By now we all know what Nines content looks like: mind-blowingly huge features, perfect drone follows, stunning tricks, sun and smiles, a reliable if formulaic approach to generating oohs, ahhs and plenty of clicks. The Bunch x Nines edit takes a bit of a different approach, allowing us to see the features and the event through the eyes of the riders, and taking the time to let this monumental park build and this special moment in time truly sink in. Change is good, and this edit represents change.

Enjoy the show featuring Magnus, Hackel, Peyben, Finn Bilous, Jay Rawe, Eduard Therriault, Kai Mahler, Olivia Asselin, Lukas Müllauer, Sarah Hoefflin, Birk Ruud and many more!