By: Roy Kittler February 15, 2018

X Games Real Ski 2018 is back once again. This year's line up consists of Mike Hornbeck, Keegan Kilbride, LJ Strenio, Phil Casabon, Magnus Graner and Antti Ollila. One could say that this year's clips are a bit less heavy than the previous ones, but then on the other hand, it just looks like the boys tried to change the game a little bit with a different approach to street skiing. LJ Strenio brings tons of flow to the table with his edit consisting of lines only. We could go on here naming all the standouts, different approaches etc. but honestly just scroll down have a look for yourself and make sure to cast you vote before you leave.

Thank you, X Games for one hell of a format which supports creativity in skiing and helps young rippers like Keegan Kilbride take their fair share of the spotlight. Congrats to all competitors and filmers, this year's edits are truly one of a kind. Well done! 

Real Ski 2018 LJ Strenio

Real Ski 2018 Mike Hornbeck

Real Ski 2018 Magnus Granér

Real Ski 2018 Keegan Kilbride

Real Ski 2018 Antti Ollila

Real Ski 2018 Phil Casabon