By: Downdays April 28, 2021

In January 2020, the city of Madrid was hit by a freak winter storm that blanketed the city in snow. Three members of the Buldozlife crew—Gilles Tinguely, Remco Kayster and Yohan Lovey—did what any self-respecting Swiss street skier would do: they packed the car on a dime and headed for España. “SkiSki Madrid” chronicles their unlikely mission to shred the streets of the Spanish capital.

Police cars, palm trees and snow.

In early January, the Filomena storm covered Spain’s capital with the heaviest snow fall since 1971. After seeing the historical images on the news, we thought it might be the only time we could hit the streets of Madrid in our life time. We directly packed our stuff and started our 16h long drive through France and Spain, during which we cyber-visited the city on Street View in order to find some decent spots in advance.

This 3 and a half day adventure was short, but definitely the coolest and most special one yet.
Our movie tries to express this bizarre journey through our eyes and camera, hope you enjoy.
Buldoz Life

Music :
Gilles Tinguely – Filomena
Plastikman – Pakard
Las Eras – Subte
Cool madrilenian – Cool song with guitar