By: Thomas Trifonitchev January 11, 2022

Recreate from Lucas Wachs shows the Lib Tech rider skiing beautiful pillow lines, backcountry jumps as well as featuring some of his fellow friends on the board too. All in all, Recreate is an awesome compilation of what you can find & achieve in the backcountry!

“I think everybody goes out into the backcountry to have natural experiences. To see the beauty of nature seeing those places and having those experiences that are un-impacted by the trappings of human society we become motivated and inspired both in our regulate lives and to help the environment stay healthy and pristine. To exist in a way that nurtures us as human beings and nurtures our adventurous spirit, which is an important part of being a human.” Join Lucas Wachs and friends for a multi-sport film featuring the full range of skiing; deep backcountry powder, big mountain lines, and late-season jibbing, as well as some world class mountain biking. A film by Lucas Wachs

Starring: Lucas Wachs, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Carson Storch, Micah Evangelista, Jaxson Riddle, Max Warbington, Austin Sweetin, Adam Craig, John Ware, Kyle Jameson, Tim McChesney, and Marissa Krawczak