By: Thomas Trifonitchev January 10, 2022

Micah Evangelista made this 2 year movie project called “Bourn”. A 15 minute ski movie featuring Micah Evangelista, Julianne Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Cody Cirillo, Lucas Wachs, Hank Kennedy and Cameron Munn. You’ll be watching some fine backcountry skiing including everything you could ask for. Pillows, Jumps and heaps amount of snow.

The idea of “home” resonates differently for everyone. For some, your hometown can be a place you’re trying to escape from, but for others it has a magnetic pull that can’t be broken. In this two-year film project, Micah and his mother Julianne reflect on some of the moments and mindsets that have shaped his skiing and his youth. In an entirely foot-powered journey through the Mt. Baker backcountry, he now returns to some of his favorite zones and features with an eagerness to explore them like never before.