By: Matt Masson October 29, 2022

Another high-grade offering from Level 1, but PSYCHOACTIV is a very personal video from director/producer/skier Rudy Lupine. The Canadian skier, along with his pals from ON3P, does achieve what he set out to do in the synopsis. I watched this movie before reading that synopsis, the shifts in style/mood were obvious, even without the explanation. All filmed on Quebecois streets, but the music and style of each segment do really change the feeling within the movie.

PSYCHOACTIV is the culmination of one’s skiing experience. Skiing the streets alters mood, behaviour, cognition & perception. Much like a psychoactive substance we use skiing recreationally, medically or spiritually to purposefully enhance our lives. Much like a psychoactive substance it created some hardships for some of us with head injuries changing our lives & shaping our uncertain future. We worked hard to showcase the many versions of ourselves we encounter on life’s path. Emotions shape our perception & in this ski film, we hope you can truly feel how every mood is important to create a well-balanced life. We wish to never shy away from the hard times that shape us.