Richard Permin’s “Good Morning” | Rooftop Skiing in France

By: Ethan Stone December 14, 2018

Yeah yeah yeah, core freeski bro, we already know what you’re going to say. “Where’s all the tricks? Edits are so lame these days. Can’t believe they throw money at this stuff.”

Guess what bro – we’ve heard it all before. Now it’s time to open your mind to some real creativity and respect the send. Richard Permin began this project back in 2016, and promptly broke both heels — turns out, jumping off of high buildings is no joke. Now he’s back and ready to finish what he started: a wild romp through the crazy architecture of Avoriaz 1800.

So our and Richard’s apologies to all the corebros out there: there aren’t any double corks or quad kinks in this cut, but it’s still gnarly AF. It’s Richard Permin’s “Good Morning,” and a good one it is.