Snowmads | Sense of Home

By: Downdays March 27, 2020

For the past several years, Austrian freerider Fabian Lentsch and friends—aka the Snowmads—have spent their winters underway in exotic ski locations like Greece, Turkey and Iran. Last year, in the midst of a record-breaking winter, the crew decided to stay closer to home in the Austrian Alps and re-discover the ski terrain in their own backyards. The result is documented in their 2019 short film, “Sense of Home.”

Home is where the heart is

Fabian Lentsch, Markus Ascher and Roman Rohrmoser spend a winter at home in the Alps, experience enormous amounts of snow and describe their feelings and perspectives of “home.” What is home for well traveled pro skiers? How does it feel for them, and is home really connected to one specific location?

The Snowmads’ home on wheels. Photo: Florian Breitenberger

Snowmads – Sense of Home is a short movie about one of the best winters Austria has seen in recent years. It’s about discovering Austria with the Snowmads truck, friendship, and three different perspectives on home.

Fabian and Pepi Lentsch scoping the possibilities. Photo: Florian Breitenberger

After big trips to Iran and Greece in the last years, Fabi and his Snowmads buddies decided to spend most of this winter at home in the Austrian mountains, touring around with the Snowmads truck and chasing the perfect powder. Luck was definitely on their side, as Austria saw one of the best winters in many years.

Fabi scores the goods. Photo: Florian Breitenberger

A NINE&ONE production
Produced by Karin Lechner
Directed by Marco Freudenreich