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Henrik Harlaut – “Salute” Trailer

By: Ethan Stone November 04, 2019

Henrik Harlaut has been working hard on his new movie project “Salute” over the past season, and now offers this tantalizing tease of what to look forward to in 2020.

Henrik’s 3rd consecutive two-year project following on the heels of “The Regiment” (2018) and “BE Inspired” (2016), “Salute” will drop in the fall of 2020. Henrik’s been going hard on the project in between his busy contest schedule, and judging by this trailer, he’s already got some stupid bangers in the bag. Now he’s scheming on plans to continue the work this coming season and round out what’s sure to be an impactful final product.

Photo: Daniel Rönnback

Now halfway through his third consecutive two-year project, Henrik says he prefers the bi-annual rhythm of movie production. “With the competition schedule being so packed, it’s so busy in the season that if I want to make something that’s powerful, that’s going to make a mark, it’s nicer to have two years to work on it,” he explains. “I don’t have to stress out about getting footage.”

“I really enjoy right now being able to look back in between the two seasons and see what I’ve got,” he continues. “You’re basically figuring out the whole idea for the movie, what you need to get the next year.”

Photo: Harlaut Apparel

“Salute” will premiere in October 2020 at the High Five Festival in Annecy. In the meantime, Henrik is keeping his fans entertained with a new webisode project running throughout the current season. Titled “A Day in the Life,” the first two episodes are already live from a training day in Andorra to the finals of the Oslo X Games. If you still need more Dollo, he’s also started an Instagram account just for the new movie project, so give @salute.2020 a follow to stay up on the haps.