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A Decade Of Pep Fujas

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Beginning with one of the best segments in history in 2004’s Session 1242, Pep has become a freeskiing legend. We chart the last decade of his skiing evolution.

2004 : Okay, it’s more than a decade ago, but come on ! When skiers hear « Pep Fujas » this is still what they think of.

2005 : The trailer for PBP’s film « War » featuring a soundtrack by Edwin Star still rocks to this day.

2006 : Pep continues to film with Poor Boys Production alongside other legendary skiers.

2007 – IDEA : The movie created by Eric Iberg shows a new way to approach powder skiing with a new technology, reverse camber. A true revolution which also brought with it a more questionable development—skiing without poles…

2008 : After Idea, as internet video gained in importance compared to ski movies, Nimbus Independent was formed and released its first webisode.

2009 : Pep in the Nimbus film « Contrast. »

2010 : Pep’s Nimbus self-edit.

2011 : And still with Nimbus…

2012 – « En Route » was a Nimbus project that gave the audience a chance to follow the crew to some of the world’s best powder-skiing destinations. Here they are in Hokkaido.

2013 : The Real Ski Backcountry competition is one good idea ESPN has had.

2014 : Do you realize how many films Nimbus has made?

2015 : A three-part documentary tells Pep’s story through old footage and interviews. And it’s released on VICE!


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