By: admin October 05, 2015

Text: Mark von Roy
Photos: Klaus Polzer

On the flanks of the mighty Nordkette, high above the city of Innsbruck, a hefty pile of snow was pushed together. This was their Blank Canvas; Jossi Wells, Nicky Keefer, Lucas Stål-Madison, Beau-James Wells, Denis Ranalter, Jackson Wells and Spencer Keirnes had a week to let their collective imagination run rampant on the mound.

If you haven’t already checked out the video edit, view it here:

Jossi Wells, Nicky Keefer, Lucas Stål-Madison, Beau Jame-Wells, Jackson Wells, Denis Ranalter and Spencer Keirnes – what some may call an eclectic mix of individuals – had a week to create, shape and ski their dream feature on the Nordkette in Tyrol. A snow cat at their disposal, plenty of shovels and rakes and an endless pool of ideas and raw talent, the Blank Canvas project mixed creative shaping skills with creative skiing skills all above the picturesque city of Innsbruck.

With Downdays Magazine Production Manager, Klaus Polzer shooting stills and the Editor in Chief, Mark von Roy filming, it was a Downdays project through and through. Naturally we reserved the best action shots for the Downdays Magazine, find out where to get your copy here:

Check out that behind the scenes photos here: