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Kazakhstan's biggest freeski event

Gorilla Winter Jungle is going down this weekend in Shymbulak, Kazakhstan

By: Adam Herman April 03, 2024

Kazakhstan isn’t usually thought of as a freeski hotspot, but there’s one place you might have heard of. The Shymbulak resort in the heart of the Ile-Alatau National Park is home to Gorilla Chimba Park, and this weekend they’re hosting the annual Gorilla Winter Jungle Festival.

Watch the Gorilla Winter Jungle livestream here! Gorilla On Air YouTube
Things I expect from Winter Jungle this year: a sea of smiles, new people and radical young people who will get inspiration from the event and, possibly, pick up extreme sports. Our aim is to contribute to development of active sports in Kazakhstan!
Aleksandr Kychura, the producer of GWJ
Andrey blunting the cork