Real talk

Catching up with Tanner Hall | MGG

By: Ethan Stone March 15, 2022

MGG is one of the newest players in the outerwear field. The Verbier-based company prides itself on complete transparency regarding its production and financial practices—a bold move in an industry that’s fiercely protective of its secrets. So it’s no wonder that MGG has picked up one of skiing’s most outspoken individuals—the Ski Boss himself, Tanner Hall—to help represent the brand. Tanner has never been one to mince words—you can count on him to tell it straight, just like MGG intends to do. As if we needed more proof of that, MGG has dropped this interview with Tanner, in which he dishes his thoughts on X Games Real Ski, injuries, the Nendaz Backcountry Invitational, and much more.