Clean & proper street

Real Skifi Episode 19

By: Downdays March 11, 2022

At long last, a new episode is out from Real Skifi! Episode 19 from Finland’s most inventive ski crew is remarkably straightforward: no waterskiing, no shin pads, no crazy stunt tricks—okay, maybe one crazy stunt trick. But besides that, it’s nothing but clean & proper street skiing from Atomic riders Juho Kilkki and Ilkka Hannula, two gentlemen with some experience (over eleven years to be exact) in this field.

A paid collab with Valio Academy.

Real Skifi Episode 1 was released 11 years ago, which is crazy! If someone had told us back then what the future would hold, we wouldn’t have believed them. But here we are, once again one video older.

It’s also already our fifth year as Valio Academy ambassadors. This collaboration has been a dream come true as we’re able to support kids and youth in sports they love.

We present you, Real Skifi Episode 19. Best served ice-cold, on a big screen, and together with your loved ones.