By: Ethan Stone September 27, 2022

Last spring, LINE Skis collected nearly their whole team of North American and European riders for a week of shenanigans at the Alaïa Spring Session in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Now, we can all enjoy the LINE Spring Break (almost) as much as they did with this highly watchable video recap by Jake Strassman entitled “Chicken Sedan.” Once you’ve enjoyed the show, make sure to check out the full write-up and photos on the LINE Skis blog.

Featuring Migi Reibenschuh, Bendik Oye, Ben Richards, Dylan Siggers, Kim Gubser, Robert Ruud, Anouk Andraska, Thomas Trifonitchev, Andy Parry, Stephanie Mössler, Connor Clayton, Johan Lovey aka Sleepy Grill, Mitchell Brower, Pete Koukov, Tucker Fitzsimons, Sämi Ortlieb, Will Wesson, Jed Waters, and Julius Champion.

From YouTube:

Ya know why they call it a chicken coop and not a chicken sedan? Yeah, we don’t know either. But we do know that you should watch the newest team cut that we just put out for your viewing pleasure.

Last spring, we (the desk jockeys stationed in Seattle, WA) traveled over the pond to Crans Montana, Switzerland with 10+ of LINE’s North American athletes to meet up with 10+ of LINE’s European athletes. What came of it was one of the best team shoots in the history of our brand. Crack a cold one, kick back, and watch 11 minutes of our North American and European teams hot lapping Alaia Parks in Crans Montana in Chicken Sedan.