love the swerve

Don’t underestimate the swerve: Magnus Granér Instabanger

By: Downdays February 06, 2019

If you prowl the dark corners of the skiing Internet these days, you will find a fair amount of hate for the “swerve skiers” — you know, the modern generation of trackpant-wearing interpretive ski-ballet artists following in the footsteps of influencers like LSM and Magnus Granér.

The swervers get bashed for not doing “real tricks” — but the informed public knows that at least the top swervers are fully capable of throwing down stock tricks like a contest jock (we can’t speak for all of them, though). If there’s any doubt in your mind on that front, watch this SLVSH Instabanger from Magnus Granér. With gnarly tricks like a nose-butter 630 on, a switch 1440 and even learning a new double to close things out, Magnus reminds us again not to underestimate the power of the swerve.