Griselda – Cruiser Weight Coke | Henrik Harlaut in Saas-Fee

By: Downdays October 06, 2020

There’s only one way to properly enjoy Henrik Harlaut’s skiing, and that’s with a gangster soundtrack. E-Dollo dishes the goods with a recap of his summer visit to Saas-Fee, along with a gritty music recommendation that his fans can add to their playlists alongside Mobb Deep and the Blackout! album.

In 2020 Griselda is lighting up the hiphop culture with an feel that lots of headz been missing, our vision is to bring a similar feel to skiing. Harlaut Apparel. We have a look, a formula – we not about to change that. Thank you. Peace

Music: Griselda – Cruiser Weight Coke – WWCD – Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn

Skiing: Henrik Harlaut, Valentin Morel and Noah Albaladejo

Filming: Marcel, Noah, Henrik, Magnus, Hackel, Niklas, V, Josselin

Editing: Henrik Harlaut

Park: Marcel Bruensholz – Saas Fee Snowpark, Switzerlands