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Newton’s Laws (Part 2) | Real Skifi

By: Matt Masson November 28, 2022

Ever thought about what makes you spin or flip when you ski?

No? Fair enough, but Juho Kilkki obviously did and following on from Real Skifi Newton’s Law’s part 1 , part 2 ramps up the science!

I’m not convinced that the series of very rigorous science experiments in the video, holding/throwing dumbells after launching off a kicker, proved conclusively any of Newton’s laws. They did however prove  at least one thing: school/college in Finland is more fun than anywhere else!

Thanks Isaac.

From YouTube:

A paid collaboration with Valio Academy. Isaac Newton, one of the greatest physicists ever, once said that “no great discovery was ever made without a bold guess”. A few centuries later Juho Kilkki said that “I doubt any great discoveries were made here but dropping in on any of these tricks sure felt like the boldest of guesses”. The 2023 Valio Academy scholars have now been released – this time it’s a total of 319 scholarships! Huge congrats to everyone selected and a warm thank you to everyone who sent in their applications. (More than 2000 applications were received this year!) This was the fifth time we got to be a small part of the selection process. Valio Academy is a big supporter of sports and physical activity for children and adolescents in Finland. More info about the program: