By: Matt Masson November 23, 2022

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate how lucky we are to get a steady stream of amazing 10-20 minute edits, but there’s nothing better than sitting down to watch almost an hour of some of your favourite skiers crushing!

I’d seen the trailer for Feel Real and was anxiously awaiting its release. It’s like an All-Star collection of some of my favourite skiers from different production companies and even contests. I was not disappointed by Feel Real.

Some people want more park and less pillows, but there is a small sunset park segment towards the end as well as a few backcountry booters.

It was so good to see Dane Tudor back on film and the girls slayed too.

I’m writing this and it’s dumping outside my window in Chamonix, I couldn’t have chosen a better movie to get hyped for making the most of what’s happening outside!

From YoutubeIt’s been said, since time immemorial, that one of the best courses of action in life is to live in the moment. For their eighth feature-length, action and personality-packed ski movie, Blank Collective Films opts to not only adhere to that ideal but to celebrate the moment itself. From embracing vulnerability to engaging in exploration, opening your eyes and ears, and never taking oneself too seriously, Feel Real represents the past and present moments, memories and friendships that have shaped The Blank Collective into the skiers they are today.