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Gaptastic Voyage, The Movie | Celebrating the Kaunertal Road Gap

By: Ethan Stone November 21, 2022

For decades, Austria’s Kaunertal Glacier has been the site of legendary road gap sessions. In 2022, Downdays decided to pay tribute to this long-standing tradition with our own creative take. We called it: the Gaptastic Voyage!

Kaunertal is home to a long and cherished freestyle tradition. In the 1990s, it was one of the first resorts in the Alps to embrace the growing snowpark trend. In addition to fall and spring park sessions that have defined the start and end of the season for generations of riders, the winding glacier road also became known as a prime location for building unsanctioned road-gap jumps.

In April 2022, Downdays teamed up with the Snowpark Kaunertal crew to build a unique setup featuring three separate road gaps, all rideable in a single line. The resulting session exceeded everyone’s expectations, and added an exciting new chapter to Kaunertal’s enduring freestyle mythos.

Supported by Kaunertal Glacier and Monster Energy

Additional support by and Somaland Agency

Riders: Dani Bacher, Julius Forer, Simon Geminiani, Goffi Gram, Gabriel Handle, Daniel Hanka, Sven Rauber, Dave Ressler, Hannes Rudigier, Luki Schäfer, Edouard Therriault, Thomas Trifonitchev, Noah Wallace, David Wolf

Edited by Luki Schäfer

Filmers: Daniel Niederkofler, Marc Grossgasteiger, Mario Käppeli

FPV Drone: Jannis Hoffmann

Producers: Christian Stadler, Ethan Stone, Klaus Polzer, Roy Kittler, Luki Schäfer

Old photos and footage: Dave Ressler, Klaus Polzer, Steffen Vollert,, Roli Tschoder

Photography: Klaus Polzer, Noah Wallace, Felix Pirker

Special Thanks: Kazmira Krawchuk, Ferdinand Kofler, Andrey Smirnov, Mario Pesl, Goffi Gram, TVB Kaunertal, Christina Radulowiz, Gabriel Handle, Matze, Giggi, Toni Bowenzi, Christian Heubner, Hotel Hafele