Hunter's 2-year project

Soulstar | Hunter Hess

By: Matt Masson November 25, 2022

Hunter Hess might be best known for his prowess in a halfpipe, but as the description says; Soulstar “features halfpipe, urban & backcountry (kinda haha).” It shows that Hess is a pretty well-rounded skier.

Alex Hall pops up a few times and calls Hunter an ‘urban rookie’ but some of the spots/tricks he does are anything but rookie!

As for “backcountry (kinda haha)” make your own mind up when you see the size of the booter…

From YouTube:

SOULSTAR is a Hunter Hess portrait. This two-year solo video project features halfpipe, urban, & backcountry (kinda haha). This video was made truly for the love of skiing. For Hunter & Owen to push themselves and to fulfil some lifelong dreams. Now please sit back, relax and enjoy SOULSTAR!

Filmed in Utah, Oregon, California, and Nevada. Video by Owen Dahlburg.