Season 16/17 Elias Paldan

By: Roy Kittler June 27, 2017

Elias Paldan got dubs on lock! Spinning like a top and squeezing in a couple of triples this young Norwegian shredder is sure to make plenty of waves in the future.

Had a great season this year, managed to get a few clips to make a short season-recap.

Tryvann, Oslo (Norway)
Geilo (Norway)
Hemsedal (Norway)
Valdres (Norway)
Gol (Norway)
Vans Penken Park (Austria)
Betterpark, Kaltenbach (Austria)

Thanks to the guys behind the lens:
Eirik Zahl Slora
Mats Bjørndal
Mons Johan Hoel
Eirik Vatne
Ulrik Hopp
Kristoffer Blofeld
Gabriel Paldan
Stian Kårhus
Trym Falkanger
Jonas Linnestad
Torbjørn Aaberg
Andreas Landøy

The edit contains mainly clips from the last season, but also a few ones from late season 2016.

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