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Thomas Trifonitchev | How to Ray Charles (Coach Trifes Tutorial)

By: Downdays January 15, 2022

Thomas Trifonitchev, or just Trifes created his online coaching episodes last year. He just came out with a new tutorial.

This time teaching you guys how to learn the Ray Charles or known as backside switch up pretzel 270 out.

“In this in-depth guide i’ll be teaching you guys how to do a blindside switch up pretzel 270 out on rails – also known as ray charles or simply said backside swap back 270 out.

⬇️ TIME-STAMPS for each Part ⬇️

00:0000:51 INTRO

00:5203:09 Backside Switch Up

03:1004:28 Backside / Pretzel 270 out

04:2904:44 Outro

If you have any questions on troubleshooting it or you need a more personal approach , you might want to see into the option to become a Patreon for extra perks & assistance.”

check him out on the gram @trifees !