The saga continues

Line Traveling Circus 12.1 – More East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff Part 3

By: Ethan Stone October 18, 2019

To kick off their 12th season in style, the TC crew returns once more to their ancestral homelands on the U.S. East Coast. In Vermont close to the Canadian border, Ian Compton is discovered living with his dogs in a cabin with no running water. Ian takes the crew to Pete’s Mountain, a local dairy farmer’s backyard passion project and Ian’s own personal Shangri-la. LJ Strenio delivers a tirade on the twisted etymology of skiblading—sorry, skiboarding—before the journey continues with a blistery classic “East Coast hardcore real stuff” session at Mount Snow, where the gang shows that even for a bunch of guys now in their 30s, they still know their way around a snowpark like nobody’s business.