Hot as a Finnish sauna

SLVSH Cup Snowmass Game 1: Elias Syrjä vs. Kuura Koivisto

By: Ethan Stone January 22, 2024

SLVSH Cup Snowmass is officially underway! Up for grabs: a prize purse and an invite to X Games Knuckle Huck.

We won’t be sharing every single SLVSH Cup game here on Downdays, but this showdown between Kuura and Elias is just too good not to post. Both of these guys would be a solid bet to see in the finals of any SLVSH Cup, so seeing these guys go toe-to-toe is a heavy first-round matchup.

You can watch the rest of the SLVSH Cup Snowmass games over on the X Games YouTube channel. Big up to SLVSH on the collab with X, not to mention finally—FINALLY!— getting GoPro on board as a sponsor. The good Lord knows that they deserve it after years of what’s basically been free advertising for GoPro. We’re here for it—SLVSH forever!