By: Ethan Stone January 15, 2024

In the independent ski movie project “PROJECTION,” a crew discovers the architecture and infrastructure of abandoned ski resorts as well as the landscapes in which they were left behind. While witnessing a creative reuse of these sites by means of ski touring and urban skiing, we are told a tale that, most of the time, we refuse to tell ourselves.

“Projection” is a visually immersive and thoughtful project brought to life by Richard Buchner and the Innsbruck-based Latschenkiller Crew, who spent last season visiting abandoned ski resorts in Switzerland and beyond. While painting a evocative picture of these forlorn places, the film also communicates a foreboding message: These relics of the past represent the foreseeable future for the vast majority of ski infrastructure in the Alps.

Together with the team behind “Projection,” we’ve put together this article that explores the project and the motivations behind it.

Producers: Richard Buchner, Jakob Aigner

Director, DP: Richard Buchner

Editors: Richard Buchner, Vincent Devens

Riders: Felix Gross, Jakob Aigner, Lukas Prüfer, Robert Scheitzeneder, Vincent Devens, Vinzent Hadschieff, Leon Sauter, Ludwig Hagelstein, Matthias Mussner