Playful Finnish street skiing

Real Skifi Episode 20 | Juho Kilkki and Ilkka Hannula

By: Simon Bartik January 08, 2024

The Real Skifi gang celebrates more than 20 years of their passion for freeskiing with the 20th episode and we love it. Forget their typical sci-fi tricks, because this is a pure old-fashioned street part. Both Atomic Skis Juho Kilkki and Ilkka Hannula go hard and shred on technical spots with the right amount of creativity and funk.

From YouTube:

We’re proud to introduce Episode 20 – the latest edition in our most popular series. The video continues the tried-and-tested formula: action-packed urban skiing with a creative twist. Skiing has been our passion for over 20 years already. We hope this video inspires you to spend your well-earned holidays following your passions and doing the sports you love.