Powder on film camera

Actual Air | Mattias & Micah Evangelista

By: Simon Bartik January 02, 2024

Freeride specialist Micah Evangelista teamed up with his brother – a filmmaker Mattias for an artistic short film Actual Air. Mattias filmed it entirely on a 16mm film camera and the vibe is just unreal, it fits very well together with the voice-over and dreamy powder clips. Make sure to watch on a proper screen with a solid sound system for better viewing pleasure.

From Vimeo:

In the depths of the Pacific Northwest, a skier reflects on his life growing up in the shadow of Mt. Baker.

Featuring: Micah Evangelista

Director & DP: Mattias Evangelista
Editor: Mattias Evangelista
Original Score: The M1
Colorist: Dylan Hageman
Sound & Mix: Caleb Carroll
Design: Maya Friedman
Film Scanning: Spectra Film Lab, LA

Special Thanks: Mom, Dad, David Berman, Jake from Kodak.

Shot on Kodak 16mm 7203, 7207, 7219.