Made in Engelberg

Experience Engelberg’s Freeride Symphony

By: Adam Herman January 11, 2024

If you’re into ski touring or big mountain, you’re going to want to pack for Engelberg after seeing this. This story about finding “the moment” follows a group of locals exploring their locale. Comprised of breathtaking drone shots, some serious lines and some impressively Swiss narration.

From YouTube:

We follow a sworn group of passionate riders who live in the small alpine town of Engelberg. Together they embark on a daring mission into unknown realms in the hope of finding the perfect moment. Whether it’s accompanying their friends on a powder day, conquering the steep slopes or riding into the sunset – everyone has their own idea of what that moment is. The only question is whether you can find it so close to home. An aerial film experience by Anton Thorin and Harald Edlund.


Tof Henry, Martina Müller, Matilda Marcusson, Simone Le Grand, Hanna Westman, Joel Pollinger ,Oliver Carlin, Piers Solomon, Johnny Dojic, Gregory Moore, Nikola Djukanovic, Filip Bjelke