Pan pan's magnum opus

“Keep It Real” – Jeremy Pancras (Full Movie)

By: Ethan Stone November 25, 2019

If there’s one thing you can say about Jeremy Pancras, it’s this: the kid has spirit. After nearly ending his ski career two years ago in a terrible crash, PanPan rose from his recovery bed to produce his first ski movie, Would You, a passion project dedicated to the sport that he’d give everything for.

Hot on the heels of Would You‘s success, PanPan is now back with his second movie, Keep it Real: another full-length labor of love from one of the most passionate players in the freeski scene today. Camera in hand, PanPan traverses the globe to ski with some of his best friends, who are all deeply embedded in the same skiing counterculture that he is. It’s a free-flowing experience, part action and part philosophy, with a self-made rap song mixed in for good measure. This is how Jeremy Pancras keeps it real.