Sam sends 'er

Sam Kuch – Return to Send’er Segment

By: Downdays November 22, 2019

Canadian shredder Sam Kuch has been one of the most talked-about skiers on the airwaves recently with back to back “Best Skier” wins at both the High Five Festival in Annecy and the International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal for his performance in Matchstick Productions’ Return to Send’er. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the flick yet, MSP just posted this clip from Sam’s segment, with a warning for viewers—this is not even the whole thing! Perhaps this segment is best taken in doses, because these four minutes alone are enough to lay you flat with everything from lofty booter hits to madman line-charging escapades. Safe to say there’s good reason for all the awards that Sam has been piling up lately—and good reason to watch the rest of Return to Send’er for the full treatment.