Keesh strikes back

Keeshlife 2 – “A movie by medium idiots”

By: Downdays December 20, 2019

At long last, here it is: the much awaited sequel from the Keesh crew, Keeshlife 2.

In case the title graphics don’t make it clear enough, these guys don’t give fucks for anything besides skiing. And as for the fucks they give for skiing, well… watch and see for yourself.

Keesh was taking a little nap but we woke up and are now presenting the Keeshlife Movie 2 for you. Filmed last winter in Finnish streets and Austrian (big) mountains with some flavour from late spring Riksgränsen camping trip. Skiing by all time Keesh classics + the best homies. Including first ever Joona Kangas full part, the never ending Psycho P part and other surprises!!

Okay that’s enough words for now, close your phone, light up some candles or whatever sets the mood for you and press play.

Joona Kangas
Anttu Oikkonen
Antti Ollila
Lauri Kivari
Pontus Penttilä
Valentin Hänninen
Aleksi Patja
Eemeli Jussila