By: Downdays May 14, 2020

Ah yes, the heady days of 2002—when a switch 180 would make the movie and “gorilla steeze” reigned supreme. The title of Eric Iberg’s 2002 movie Stereotype was intended to be ironic: breaking with the tradition of the times, Iberg didn’t just toss every clip of random people hucking tricks into his movie. Instead, he honed in on a handful of unique styles, building segments based on individuality and style as well as ability. In the end, the joke was on him: Iberg’s style-heavy character films of the early 2000s went on to influence the whole direction of the ski film industry, basically creating a stereotype that filmmakers to come would follow.

Stereotype (2002)

Directed by Eric Iberg

Executive Producer: Johnny Decesare/Poor Boyz Productions

Edited by: Eric Iberg, Shane Nelson and Felix Rioux

Skiing by: Dash Longe, Mick Nick, Eric Pollard, Skogen Sprang, Mike Wilson, Chris Turpin, Pete Mithoefer, Mickael Deschenaux, David Crichton, Steele Spence, Iannick B., Thomas Ringret, Phil Dion

A conventionalized idea, a cliché, a routine. Whatever preconceived notions you have of skiing will be broken, as Poor Boyz Productions and Eric Iberg take you on a journey outside of the box and into a new dimension of skiing. A squadron of the most innovative and original riders have been assembled, each bringing something new and unseen to the sport.

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