By: Downdays February 07, 2019

The kids these days may not remember the legendary feats of The Dumont — which is why this week’s TBT goes out to Simon Dumont with the help of this epic career collection from Stept Productions in 2015.

A perfect cork 900 tail, 35.5 feet (10.8 meters) above the lip on the world record quarterpipe hit in 2011. Guess there’s a reason why this record hasn’t been broken yet. Photo: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

There’s so much packed into these ten minutes, it’s hard to pay tribute to it all. The Dumont was a cannonball of awesomeness during freeskiing’s Golden Age—a pint-sized packet of energy whose legacy of extreme amplitude in the halfpipe stands to this day. At the same time he was flying high over contest venues, Dumont was also bagging standout film segments with all the major production companies, with Level 1, Poor Boyz and Matchstick all in the mix.

The Dumont in his prime, 2013. Photo: Dustin Snipes/Red Bull Content Pool

The list goes on with the epic Cubed Pipe project in 2011, one of the sport’s most memorable shoots ever, and the 2008 quarterpipe world record, which still stands today. Throughout his career, Dumont also endured some of the worst crashes you’ll ever want to see — the crash reel in this clip is seriously painful to watch. After sacrificing his body on the altar of freeskiing, Dumont is now more than content to travel the world with his girlfriend and post pictures of waterfalls on Instagram. But his legacy will live on as one of the influential and prolific skiers of his era.