A ski film about love

A Part Of Us | Jacob and Sofia Wester

By: Matt Masson December 15, 2022

Ok, cards on the table: Rossignol athlete Jacob Wester has been my favorite skier ever since his segment in Matchstick Productions’ CLAIM. Since then, he’s developed from a rambunctious park rat into a full-on big mountain skier. His latest project, however, is as much a story about his wife Sofia as it is about Jacob, the skier.

Sofia talks about her fears and doubts, while her husband says he has to focus on the skiing. An interesting movie, and well worth a watch.

From YouTube: This documentary and ski film follows professional freeskier Jacob Wester and his wife, photographer and filmer, Sofia Wester, through the Norwegian mountains during a record winter, as they chase un-skied peaks and powder snow. The film takes a closer look at the fears and doubts that arise, when serious danger and the risk of death is ever-present. While Jacob skis above serious exposure where a mistake can be fatal, Sofia sits below following his every move through the viewfinder of her camera. How does the newlywed couple balance risks and reward when everything is on the line?

Filming, editing, color grade: Sofia Wester Additional camerawork: Marcus Hansen, Sigurd Petersen, Vetle Sevild, Matias Myklebust, Martin Andersen, Nikolai Schirmer, Trygg Lindkjølen, Christoffer Lange, Emil Granöö.

Sound design: Måns Ortner

Logo design: Jonna Wester