By: Ethan Stone December 13, 2022

Surf’s up, brah! Episode 15.3 takes the Traveling Circus gang to the Western world’s very own Heart of Darkness: Southern California. Despite the highway traffic, the squad is able to hit up three of SoCal’s ski hotspots: Mountain High, Bear Mountain and Mammoth. Andy Parry gives yet another lesson in tricks that cannot be named, Will Wesson displays impressive pine cone juggling skills, and lots more impressive skiing is delivered by Mitchell Brower, Bennie Osnow, Pete Koukov and Simeon Glas.

From Youtube: It’s time to pawn your skis for the palm tree scene! Grab a surfboard and hit that beach; this is SoCal Media! In the third episode of season 15, the crew ventures to Southern California to get their tan on amongst the Sierra slush. Hot laps at Big Bear, Mammoth, and Mountain High, paired with surfing the Pacific Swells, are the theme of this good-vibes episode. Kick back and tune in!

Film & Edit: Jake Strassman


Will Wesson

Andy Parry

Pete Koukov

Bennie Osnow

Mitchell Brower

Simeon Glas

Connor Clayton


Too – Gaadge

Tropic – Another Green World

If Not For Nothin, (Tone) – Vaguess