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Tracing Influence: Six Skiers and the People Who Inspire Them | Switchback Entertainment

By: Matt Masson December 11, 2022

Tracing Influences is an interesting one. It’s not super action-packed, but if you’re a ski nerd [like me] this is not only an interesting little history lesson but maybe some of your own ski heroes will feature. Maybe you’ll see who inspired the skier that inspired you.

I said in the 2022 Trailer Yard that this would be “essential viewing for any freeskier who wants to know how we got to where we are now.” Having now seen it, I’d stand by that.

From YouTube: Nobody reaches the top of any professional sport without standing on the shoulders of the heroes and mentors who came before them. Tracing Influence is the story of six skiers and the people who inspired their lives. Featuring: Cody Townsend, Emma Patterson, Mark Abma, Alexis Godbout, Mali Noyes, Fabien Maierhofer, Victor Galuchot, Connor Ryan, Gaetan Gaudissard and Robert Pallin Aaring.