Czech Adventure: A month with Dan Hanka

By: Downdays May 15, 2020

Last season Dan Hanka was looking for a filmer. He found an unlikely collaborator in French engineer Erwan Lier, who took a month off of his regular to job to ski and film with Dan.

In January 2019, after my second ACL surgery, I was looking for a filmer for my new Cruise’n’Roll project. I posted an Instagram story and got a reply from a random french guy, fulltime engineer Erwan, aka Kekous. We never saw each other, exchanged a couple messages on the ‘gram, and suddenly he took a month off his regular everyday job to come to the Czech Republic and film with me. Pretty insane if you ask me! But that’s how the modern world works. This video sums up the month we spent together from Erwan’s perspective. It was definitely a time to remember and brings back tons of memories. It takes a month to make a friend for life. – Dan Hanka