buldoz X gazolina

Egal | Swiss street cross-over from Finland

By: Adam Herman April 21, 2024

Buldoz have been of of the most consistent street crews for a while now. Releasing multiple flicks a year, snow or not. There’s new kids on the block though – Gazolina. And they joined forces to film some bangers in Finland this March.

Buldoz Life shouldn’t need much introduction around here. For this vid Benji (@____benjaman___) and Sleepy (@sleepy.grill) got together with Albie Bigler (@al.baked) and Basile Genevay (@basge420) representing Gazo . The Gazolina homies come from the same parts of Switzeralnd as Buldoz with a base in Leysin. They’ve been releasing edits for a while now, but I get a feeling you’re going to be hearing much more about them in the future. This Finland trip isn’t the only one they’ve been on this winter.