Go Go Go: Japan via RV | Full Film + Photo Gallery

By: Downdays November 02, 2020

"A simple story about friends traveling the Japanese countryside via RV," Go Go Go clocks in at under five minutes long. Yet in this brief time frame, it packs in the emotions of a much longer project. Must be the Super 8 footage: there's just something about film that pleases the soul.

Go Go Go | Full Film (Vimeo)

Featuring Mike Henitiuk and Callum Pettit and shot by Alex Biel, Go Go Go isn't your typical ski porn. But it is a heartwarming glimpse of the good times to be had with an RV, a few buddies, and a few weeks to spare in Japan. Since the Go Go Go viewing experience is a short one, we asked Mike to share the following photo gallery with a few more stories from their trip.