Real Skifi – Overnight Skiing Trip

By: Downdays March 15, 2021

When most people go on a hut trip, they’re intending to get some good powder skiing in. When Real Skifi goes on a hut trip, they’re apparently looking to get some *checks notes* tip-catch front flips in? Here’s the latest from our creative friends in Finland.

We traveled not far from home but far from the usual. After touring in the dark woods and skiing powder at night, we slept in a small hut in -10°C. The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful view and skied till sunset. This was a trip to remember.

Skiing: Ilkka Hannula, Verneri Hannula, Juho Kilkki

Filming: Anton Geier, Janne Korpela

Editing: Juho Kilkki

Location: Laukaa, Finland