By: Simon Bartik November 27, 2023

The Movement Skis team has been growing recently and we personally love the new additions – Hugo Burvall, Oliver Karlberg, Aleksi Patja, and Siver Voll are known as one of the most stylish skiers in the game. Reflection also features heavy hitters Maxime Chabloz, Thibault Magnin, Noah Viande, Hugo Monmont, Rémy Collomby, and Fabio Studer. Enjoy this artistic short film directed by Jacopo Torrione. Keep up the good work guys!

From YouTube: Reflection is an artistic short film project that invites viewers to join the thrilling adventures of the Movement Tribe. With a blend of excitement and introspection, the film showcases their passion for the sport. This action-packed journey explores the reflective nature of skiing.

Starring: Hugo Burvall, Maxime Chabloz, Thibault Magnin, Siver Voll, Oliver Karlberg, Noah Viande, Aleksi Patja, Hugo Monmont, Rémy Collomby & Fabio Studer

Imagined by: Jacopo Torrione
Cinematography: Jacopo Torrione & Will Derrick
Additional footage: Arttu Heikkinen
Photography: Ruedi Flück
Music: Leo af Ekenstam – Alliant Audio

The skis: