Freedom of movement, the spirit.

Since Movement Skis was created in the year 2000, the world has changed, mountains have changed, and skiing has evolved. Driven by a thirst for innovation and an independent production chain, Movement Skis is building the future of skiing. All of today’s models unite freedom of movement with autonomy in the mountains. Skis which adapt to everything, from ski resorts to long-distance ski tours is Movement’s mission. Reliable, versatile and efficient skis that love freedom, skis made for today’s world.


Natural movement, the expertise.

Movement Skis has always followed its own path. Thanks to its unique production process, where everything from the first idea to the final construction all happen in its own manufacturing plant, and thanks to Swiss technical expertise, Movement has created highly technological skis at the forefront of innovation. This level of research is mirrored by the level of commitment in the mountains, and the need for trustworthy and versatile equipment which that implies, allowing Movement to stay ahead of the evolution of our sport.


The evolution of lifestyles and the powerful call of nature leads modern skiers to approach skiing in a more adventurous and sporty way. Our 22/23 collection meets this need with a 100% touring compatible offer.


Make way for the ride. Sometimes, Movement Skis anticipates the movement. Sometimes, it embraces it. The important thing is to have good skis.

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