By: Matt Masson October 29, 2022

Deviation Works is an Oregon-Based “group of makers, thinkers, and creators with a lifelong love of sliding on snow.” They design and customise, skis and snowboards. “Rhythm in Chaos” is their first foray into making a ski movie, and the biggest compliment is that it’s not obvious that this is their first.

Team manager, Lupe Hagearty, is one of many skiers to feature in this, quarter-of-an-hour video. For those who remember Lupe’s Real Ski edit, will know what to expect. Lots of handrails, but enough creativity and variation to keep you watching until the end. Plus a few repeat viewings.

Deviation Works first ski team film features Paul Schwesinger, Ryan Barrick, Sverre Lindell, Jeremy Emmer, Lupe Hagearty, and Tyler Sosnowski. A group of friends sharing what they love, skiing. Chasing snow around cities and embracing the “Rhythm In Chaos” together.