Gaptastic Voyage Kaunertal Road Gap
A lofty backflip is the perfect trick for any road gap. Gabs demonstrates. Stefan Mahlknecht

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Mind the gap

The third annual Gaptastic Voyage invades Kaunertal this weekend

By: Ethan Stone April 17, 2024

Gapping a road once is a big deal. Gapping a road three times? That’s the Gaptastic Voyage, baby.

If you know, you know. The Kaunertal Glacier is one of Austria’s chillest snowpark scenes, with a spring session that keeps the park bumping through all of April and May. There’s not a lot of hype or hooplah in Kaunertal—just some dedicated homies who love to keep shredding until the season finally gives up the ghost.

Kaunertal has a well-deserved legacy as a cradle of freestyle in the Alps, and a part of that legacy is the Kaunertal road gap. Year after year, snowboard and ski crews have built gaps over the road leading up to the Weißsee glacier restaurant at 2750 meters’ elevation. Until finally, we at Downdays came along and said, Hey, why don’t we turn this into an event?

For two years now, we’ve filled the skies above Kaunertal with all manners of skiers (and a couple snowboarders, including Gigi Rüf!) for one special weekend of road gapping. The Gaptastic Voyage setup is a special one that you won’t find anywhere else: not one, not two, but three different road gaps, all ridable in a line. Call us crazy—you’d probably be right.

Check out last year's Gaptastic Voyage highlight edit. Downdays YouTube

This year’s Gaptastic Voyage is going down from 19-21 April, 2024. The weather is looking a bit iffy for the weekend, but we’ll be out there making the best of it. So if you’re looking for some weekend entertainment, make the drive up to Kaunertal and check it out! The powder’s still good, the park is banging, and some freaks will be flying over the road. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, I don’t know what is.