Yann Rausis | A Quiet Day out in Verbier

By: Downdays April 27, 2020

If you’ve ever skied Verbier, you’ll know that “quiet” is not a word often used to describe the place. However, with some creative filming and post-production trickery, this edit turns one of skiing’s busiest locales into a ghost town.

Do you ever dream of days on the mountain with no one around?
Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

Freeskier Yann Rausis and Guido Perrini team up to ski and film in the ghost town of Verbier, Switzerland.
With a little editing time and a bit of computer trickery the results were too good not to share at a moment when the mountain evades us.
Almost entirely shot in 2018*.
*No confinement rules were broken in the making of this edit and we hope you will enjoy this from the safety of your own home.